Fucking Beautiful

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It’s all about me now. Fuck you, to hell with her, I don’t fucking care about him. 

You want to be cruel? I can be cruel.

You shouldn’t dress diamonds in velvet, like you shouldn’t let the natural beauty of dirty shine.

a held, lit rolled joint is smoking from the tip, wafting into the empty room. making it appears as there’s a transparent ocean in front. The shameless sun radiates through the curtains, Staring at it with a pair of heavy eyelids, hazy with emptiness. dry lips cracked and shriveled up from the lack of moisture. Face, sticky with a layer of greasy that’s accumulated over days but lest you knew better, you’d just think god bestowed this individual with a beautiful glowing face. A musk you mistakenly adore despite it’s sourced at unhygienic practices. His eyes unfocused, unreactive even to your voice. You struggle you get out the first few words without your frantic panic showing through your speech. You beg and you plead for him to return to the home you both shared. You tell this broken figure that the other’s depend on him, and if that’s irrelevant you managed to choke out that he still has to depend on himself. You position yourself beside him, still facing him. You pull up the leg of your jeans as not to stretch it when you kneel beside this man who has given up on everything. You see yourself in his eyes, staring back. He turns his head towards you. his hollow eyes slowly flashes you the remnants of the pain that once was. Crow’s feet began to form at the corners of his eyes as they wince up, reacting to his brain possibly reassembling the memories and replaying them like a song. Then suddenly, his eyes light up, even if for a brief moment you could tell, no you could feel that he recognized you has his eye held onto yours. A quickly spreading sense of hope stirs inside your defeated heart, despite the doctors telling you that he will never be the same. You hold on to those rare moments when you can feel his soul staring back at yours never forgetting the past you shared but remembering the future that was robbed out of hands, How can anyone be happy or kind again? You stand up as his eyes return to the cold lifeless marbles they are. With a quickly paced walk you leave behind Your happiness and your compassion behind. Trapped in that room with your love, sure that once it returns to you, so will everything else.

Imma trade weed for a pill addition

the ugly flower who deserved more

Someday I’ll feel warmth 


As we are more maternal, we are by nature more generous. We will always give more than we have to”