Fucking Beautiful

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Your soul is here but your not.




i literally didn’t know the difference between jodie foster and kim basinger until like a few months and i’m still not fully convinced that they’re two separate people

literally me with matt damon and mark wahlberg

julia roberts and sandra bullock i had this problem w

Ted from how I met your mother and Michael from arrested developments

clean cut simple desgin button with intricate design underneath 

Do you want to know if your on my
Can you tell if your occupying my head

It’s interesting after watching this movie set in Marie Antoinettes time. Her husband Louis the seventeenth’s indecisiveness during the French Revolution costed him his own life along with his family then his entire kingdom. Don’t ever let your indecision cost you everything

The things that previously brought joy and the people that left us, boy

Toys can fill our estates, covered in gold and made out of wood, 

would these materials bring substances that I didn’t feel. 

I’ve ever had, nice things like these

replenish - lz

i need replenishments for my stats, mana mana mana mana mana mana 


watching all these north korean documentary makes me think one thing. Can they for once get a documentary filmmaker that isn’t an pompous ass who’s only goal is to make a shocking film with no real value. I mean, they enter the country under false pretenses and film all the pain and suffer, leaves the country, put together a half ass documentary with no real point to make other than “look at their living conditions” and it somehow get’s some pretentious award like the cannes or tribeca or whatever. Do these filmmakers realize what they are doing though? Every time they make a film that they “secretly” record and then release it as a scalding criticism of the north korean goverment you know who suffers? not the mainly middle class folks who watches the shitty film, not the arrogant filmmaker chasing his 15 minutes, not the north korean goverment or even out goverment. the people of north korean suffers. Instead of capitlizing on a country misfortune they should be helping the people escape that fate and not encouraging the dirt regime have more reasons to act out and punish their own people 



dont you hate those people who talk about society as if all their problems could be blamed on it. every little problem to all the serious defects in themselves. but no this is going to be about society’s beauty. ofcourse you mine idea of beauty will probably differ from you. For me beauty is what every manages to thrive, despite whatever environment they’re in. Like a spider in an warm apartment during the harsh winter or blades of grass growing inbetween the cracks in the ground downtown.  I guess I like rooting for the under dog but you can’t blame me like many others we’ve all been there.